Taking a world view...

Taking a world view...

Bilingual Junior High School

Bilingual Junior High School

3f in England

3f are currently enjoying the civilised English lifestyle at Stanborough School in Watford. With lessons in the morning and afternoon sight-seeing trips it's a fine combination of work and pleasure. It's also a good opportunity for the pupils to get to know people from other cultures - at the moment there is a school group from Brazil staying here for two weeks, as well as full-time boarders from all over the world.

After Monday's lessons the afternoon trip was to Madame Tussaud's in London, the highlight of which was definitely the Chamber of Horrors, which some of the pupils went through five times! For dinner we visited a real London Pub, where the pupils were allowed to order their food and (non-alcolholic!) drinks at the bar, using their near-perfect English. Well, fairly near.

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Monday's pictures part 2

Tuesday afternoon also saw us in London, along with a prominent guest from the USA, President Barrack Obama. Surprisingly, he didn't stop to say hello to us, but we assume it was because he was in a hurry to get to the Queen's place for a nice cup of tea. It's thirsty work, being a politician, or so they say.

London sights part 1

London sights part 2

On Wednesday we went on a day trip to Cambridge and enjoyed the beautifully sunny, warm English weather. (No, seriously.) Punting on the River Cam was a great experience and something new for everyone. Of course, there was also some time allocated to shopping, but not enough time for some people, of course, who will remain nameless. They would probably spend the whole week shopping if we let them.

A day trip to Cambridge part 1

A day trip to Cambridge part 2

A day trip to Cambridge part 3