Taking a world view...

Taking a world view...

Bilingual Junior High School

Bilingual Junior High School

What went on at our school in 2010-2011?

"Stolperstein" in Pottendorferstrasse

On Tuesday 5th July many pupils and teachers attended the installation of a "Stolperstein" in the pavement outside Pottendorferstrasse 127 in Wiener Neustadt. Pupils from the fourth-year classes had raised money to fund the stone with a Christmas market. The stones are made by the German artist, Gunter Demnig, and commemorate the last known address of Jews who were murdered in WWII.

Malen in der Natur

Schönes Wetter - ein Bächlein hinter unserer Schule....das waren die perfekten Zutaten für einen Malnachmittag in einer etwas anderen Umgebung.. Die Kreativ Gestalten Gruppe genoss diesen herrlichen Tag im Juni und stellte einige interessante Arbeiten her.

Ein Besuch in einem Atelier einer Wiener Neustädter Künstlerin

Wow! - Sehr beeindruckt von dem Schaffensraum der Künstlerin Barbara Pacholik zeigten sich alle Schüler der KRG - Gruppe, als wir diese zum Abschluss des Schuljahres in ihrem Atelier besuchten.
Die Künstlerin arbeitete ursprünglich als Bühnenmalerin in der Staatsoper, nun gehört zu einem wesentlichen Teil ihrer Arbeit das Arbeiten mit Kindern (Workshops, Geburtstagsfeste...).
Von der eigenen Herstellung der Farbe mit Farbpigmenten bis zur Fertigstellung ihrer Werke erklärte Fr. Pacholik ausführlich jeden Arbeitsschritt und beantwortete geduldig diverse Fragen. Danke nochmals dafür auf diesem Wege! :-)
Einige dieser Ideenwerden wir im nächsten Schuljahr mit Sicherheit ausprobieren. Ein Workshop mit der Künstlerin ist geplant!

2e brave the waters

On a beautiful Wednesday 29th June, 2e took the train to Seebenstein and spent the morning at the open-air swimming pool. Despite the fact that seemingly every other school in Wiener Neustadt had had the same idea, everybody managed to find some unoccupied water and had a great time.

Spark 7 School Running

The Spark 7-sponsored "School Running" in the Akademie Park on Tuesday 28th June provided a splendid occasion for the entire school to do something together. Nearly all the pupils and teachers ran the two-kilometre course together and although for some it was more fun than for others, the general consensus was that it really wasn't all that bad. It also proved to be quite fruitful from a medals point of view, with pupils taking several bronze and silver medals home with them.

School running photos part 1

School running photos part 2

School running photos part 3

4e let loose in Vienna

The meaning of the word "Wandertag" seems to have changed dramatically over the last few years. Where it once meant an endlessly long, boring walk with a teacher who thought it was fun (hands up if this sounds familiar!), it now means something completely different. 4e's version was a trip to Vienna's Prater and then a visit to Madame Tussaud's. But to be fair, they did walk to and from the train station!
Many thanks to Pia Hofstättner for the photos.

Vienna trip part 1

Vienna trip part 2

Vienna trip part 3

Presentations 2011

On Wednesday 22nd June the annual presentations took place. Once again, thanks to some good organisation and lots of hard work by pupils and teachers alike, everything went very smoothly.

Successful PETs go swimming!

On Monday 6th June the PET (Preliminary English Test) course went to the Akademiebad together with their teachers, Julia Schmidhofer and Alan King. It was a beautiful day and a fine way to end the course.
PET is a Cambridge examination at the international B1 level. The pupils sat the exam on 6th May and we recently received the results:

  • 11 passes with merit

  • 10 passes

  • one A2 level pass

  • no fails

The BJHS was the only school in Lower Austria to enter pupils for the exam this year. We are very proud of our pupils' performance and believe it is a good indication of what four years of bilingual education can achieve.

The tricky art of graffiti

On 1st June 4d discovered that the art of graffiti is rather more difficult than it looks. Under the watchful eye of Mrs Huber and with the ever-patient help of Sabine Toprakkale the pupils set about filling four home-made canvases with their names.
What looks so easy turned out to be very tricky indeed - try painting a thin line with a can of spray paint! Luckily the weather was on our side and everything got done without anyone inhaling too many toxic fumes. The finished works of art will be used in the upcoming presentations as decoration.

Gold and silver for our orienteering team!

On Wednesday 15th June our school's orienteering team returned from the Lower Austrian Championship with gold and silver medals. 19 pupils took part in the championship, which was held in Tulln. Emanuel Braun and Vanessa Pomelli won individual gold medals and the team H-15 with Alex Foidl, Michi Budisavljevic and Emanuel Braun also took gold. Gesine Kircher, Emma Benesch and Kathrin Schanner took silver. Congratulations to the team, which was trained by Marianne Schneidhofer, MA.

Experience Classical Music "Live"

Unter diesem Motto besuchten 25 kulturinteressierte Schüler der 3. und 4. Klasse am Mittwoch, den 01. Juni, das "Klassik Konzert in der Burg" der Theresianischen Militärakademie Wr. Neustadt. Es war die Geburtsstunde des neu ins Leben gerufenen Orchesters "Orchesterakademie der Josef Matthias Hauer Musikschule", welche mit den großen meistern der Wiener Klassik (Haydn-Mozart-Beethoven) und der Solistin Andrea Wild an der Querflöte einen bleibenden Eindruck bei den Zuhörern und unseren Schülern hinterließen.
Als einzige Schule Wr. Neustadts durften wir dem Konzert gratis beiwohnen, wofür sich die Schüler und die Begleitlehrer Mag. Eva Winkler und HOL Andreas Pirringer mit kräftigem Applaus bedankten.

4ef read for primary school pupils

On Friday 27th May two fourth-year classes, 4e and 4f, visited the VS Josefstadt to read stories to the pupils there. The project was organised by Mrs Hlawatsch and Mrs Fasching, who also accompanied them to the primary school. Hannah Prikril (4f) made a fine job of photographing everything. The whole event was a great success and was much enjoyed by all.

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3f in England

3f are currently enjoying the civilised English lifestyle at Stanborough School in Watford. With lessons in the morning and afternoon sight-seeing trips it's a fine combination of work and pleasure. It's also a good opportunity for the pupils to get to know people from other cultures - at the moment there is a school group from Brazil staying here for two weeks, as well as full-time boarders from all over the world.

Mouth-painting with Josef Habeler

On Tuesday 17th May the school had a very special visitor, Mr Josef Habeler, who showed the pupils that even when you are paralysed, art can still be a fulfilling pastime - Mr Habeler paints with his mouth. The results are extraordinary, as can be seen from the photos.
Pupils from 1d, 1e, 3d and 3f also tried their hand (mouth!) at it, but discovered that it is a good deal harder than it looks...

Click here to read Rahel's report.

4def in Scotland

The three fourth-year classes spent a very enjoyable week in Edinburgh. There were plenty of adventures, but not a single complaint - they even seemed to enjoy the rather unpredictable Scottish weather. (The old saying: "If you don't like the weather in Scotland, just wait for five minutes" was never more true!)

2de in Carnuntum

On Thursday 5th May 2d and 2e went on a trip to Carnuntum to find out all about how the Romans used to live. The fine weather and interesting guided tour combined to make a memorable day.

D-Unterricht in der neuen Stadtbibliothek!

Überwältigt von dem großen Angebot in den neuen Räumlichkeiten der Stadtbibliothek stöberten die Schüler der 1E KLasse interessiert in dem vielfältigen Angebot an Büchern. Der Besuch fand am 29. April statt.

Bilingual Aid for Japan

The motto for Thursday 14th and Friday 15th April was very much "Let's help Japan", with an event held by the school's pupils to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on 11th March. The usual snack sales in the break were replaced by a huge variety of pupil and parent-made food, the proceeds of which will go towards providing some small relief to the poor souls still suffering in Japan.
The grand total raised by this event and the various other Japan fund-raising activities of our pupils came to almost 2000 euros!

4th-years at the fitness club

As part of the current Comenius project, "Physical Activities and Sport in Different Environments", fourth-year pupils have been visiting the local fitness club to try out a few new sports and activities. It has made a nice change from the normal PE lessons, but by far the biggest challenge has been walking the 500m back to school without being late for the next lesson. We live in hope that one class might yet manage it.

Theatre project with David Taylor

This week the fourth-year classes are doing a theatre project with actor and director, David Taylor. They have all read his play, "A Villa on Venus", and now they have the chance to perform it with him. 4e were the first to try it on 11th April, with 4f and 4d following on 12th and 13th respectively. It is quite a surprise for the kids to work with a real director who demands a bit of proper acting from his cast - not everyone has found it easy so far...

Click here to see pictures of the project with 4d.

BJHS hosts the first English Olympics

On 6th April the school played host to fourth-year pupils from 15 other schools in the region for the English Olympics. The idea of this event is that each of the region's schools sends four pupils who have to complete tasks and solve problems which are given to them entirely in English. The stations they had to complete were listening, knowledge, maths, history, writing, science, video, words, small talk, geography and reasoning. For each station (except small talk) they were awarded points according to their success and at all times only English was to be used.
Of course this was a huge advantage for our team (Saskia Pfeifer, Hannah Prikril, Lisa Azmann and Andreas Üngersböck), as they are used to doing everything in English and (as we rather expected!) they managed to take "gold" for the region of Wiener Neustadt Stadt. For Wiener Neustadt Land the gold medals went to the team from HS Wiesmath. Both teams are now looking forward to competing in the Lower Austrian finals against the winners from the other educational districts. This will be held on 7th June in Böheimkirchen.
Thanks to the excellent organisational skills of Mrs Schneidhofer and the highly competent help of the pupils of 4d, everything went very smoothly indeed. Our EV-Superwoman, Mrs Hofstättner, along with Mrs Fasching and her cooking pupils kept the hungry hordes satisfied with various culinary delights.
The actual tasks were devised by students of the KPH (Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule) Wien/Krems, who also did a fine job of manning the stations.

Successful swimmers

On Tuesday 5th April second-year pupils took part in the Wiener Neustadt Schools Swimming Championship at Aqua Nova. In the mixed relay race the team of ten swimmers took a fine second place.

Die bilinguale Partnerschule

Am 23. März fand in unserer Schule eine Feier statt, und zwar zu einem ganz besonderen Anlass. Seit zehn Jahren bilden unsere Lehrer StudentInnen der Pädagogischen Hochschule Niederösterreich in Baden aus und jetzt sind wir zur offiziellen Partnerschule der Hochschule ernannt worden. Natürlich konnte so eine Feier nicht ohne Beiträge der SchülerInnen über die Bühne gehen und so haben verschiedene Neigungsgruppen ihr Können unter Beweis gestellt.

St Patrick's Day

Once again classes 4d and 2e recently joined forces to put on a seasonal presentation. This year's topic was Saint Patrick's Day and both the pupils and their teachers, Mrs Huber, Mrs Schneidhofer and Mr King worked very hard to achieve such a good performance in so little time. A traditional Irish song, "The Wild Rover" was followed by some Irish dancing (it's rather more difficult than it looks - many thanks to Elisabeth Wagner for teaching us how to do it) and a short play, "St Patrick and the Emerald Isle", by Robert Reed.
Of course, St Patrick's Day would be no fun without plenty of green food and drink and our fantastic Parents Association once again came to the rescue with excellent catering. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Nela Toth for the photos!

Chor Workshop mit Antonia Schmid

Unter dem Motto "Singen macht Spaß" war am Dienstag den 15. März die Wiener Neustädterin und BORG Pädagogin Frau Mag. Antonia Schmid zu Gast an der Schule. Der Schulchor und interessierte Kinder sangen begeistert unter der Leitung der Referentin mehrstimmige Songs. Auch der österreichischen Volksliedtradition wurde Rechnung getragen.
Weiters stand die Vermittlung einer "musikalischen Allgemeinbildung" und der Versuch, die Musik als Wegbegleiter fürs ganze Leben zu gewinnen im Mittelpunkt.

Fasching Tuesday - Wintersport Day

As always on Fasching Tuesday the whole school went out into the great outdoors to get some fresh air and exercise. This time we packed ourselves into five buses and were delivered to a very sunny, if rather cold Semmering.
The skiers and snowboarders promptly disappeared on the slopes while the rest of us went of walking. The classes 3de and 4def took the path through the forest to Maria Schutz, where they descended on the Kirchenwirt like a swarm of locusts, clearing out their supply of doughnuts within minutes.
2def took the same path, but due to an extended toilet break up at the lift station, we were too slow to make it all the way there and back and so had to turn around shortly before reaching our goal. Luckily the four teachers accompanying the group were able to contact their colleagues at Maria Schutz and order a doughnut each, so at least they managed to get their hands (and teeth) on one...
All in all it was another very nice outing and much appreciated.

Click here to see pictures of the skiers and snowboarders in action.

Wintersporttag Wanderung auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

2d vergleichen Stadt- und Landgemeinden

Anlässlich eines Schulprojekts "Vergleich Stadtgemeinde/ Landgemeinde" besuchte die 2d Klasse der Bilingual Junior Highschool das Rathaus Wiener Neustadt. Pressesprecher Dr. Spenger informierte die Schüler über die verschiedenen Aufgabenbereiche der Stadtgemeinde bzw. die Aufgaben eines Bürgermeisters und versorgte sie mit kleinen Geschenken.
Als Vergleich besuchten die Schüler die Marktgemeinde Warth im Pittental, wo sich die Frau Bürgermeister ausführlich Zeit nahm und den Kindern ihre Aufgaben erklärte. Ein Besuch der Landwirtschaftlichen Fachschule gab den Schülern einen Einblick in das Berufsleben eines Imkers. Ebenso konnten die Stallungen der Rinderzucht besichtigt werden. Den Abschluss bildete der Besuch einer Gärtnerei, wo die Schüler die Möglichkeit hatten Blumen selbst zu pflanzen.

4d save Translavi

For 4d the culmination of the Klippert Week (31st January to 4th February) was the management game "Translavi". This involved five ministries (each made up of three pupils) which had the task of investing 5 billion Translavi Shillings in projects of their choice, the aim being to improve conditions in this LDC (Less-Developed Country). To this end it was necessary to kick-start the economy, increase tourism, reduce the rate of illiteracy, ensure that the people's basic needs are met, etc. This proved to be more difficult than it first appeared, especially when the pupils realised that even a large sum of money can't pay for everything...
However, this didn't stop the pupils from doing their best. The "press" busily interviewed the ministers during their negotiations and published three "newspapers", which they then distributed to all the ministries for information purposes. The reactions were often quite intense!
All in all, it is safe to say that the future of Translavi now looks much more promising!

Cajon Workshop with Richard Filz

On 18th January Richard Filz held a cajon workshop at the school for interested pupils. A total of 51 pupils took advantage of the offer and learned a lot about rhythm and percussion. Many were more than a little surprised at how versatile such a simple instrument can be and everyone was extremely enthusiastic. There will certainly be no shortage of volunteers to play cajon in the music lessons from now on!

2def on the slopes in Kreischberg

From 10th to 14th January the second-years had a great time in Kreischberg learning how to ski and snowboard (of course, those who could already got even better at it). Good weather, good snow, good food and good friends. What more could you want?

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3f im Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt

Einen Tag vor Weihnachten veranstaltete unsere Schule einen "Reading Day", an dem alle SchülerInnen mit ihren LehrerInnen an den unterschiedlichsten Orten in Wr. Neustadt anderen Menschen vorlasen. Ein Teil der 3f ging mit KV Natalie Willfurth ins Landespflegeheim, wo die Kinder den HeimbewohnerInnen im "Club" nicht nur vorlasen, sondern auch Lieder sangen, Spiele spielten und einfach "nur" Zeit schenkten. Wir hoffen, dass wir den HeimbewohnerInnen ein bisschen vorweihnachtliche Freude bereiten konnten.

Christmas Reading Day

The 23rd December was the school's "Reading Day", whereby the pupils went out in small groups to various locations in and around Wiener Neustadt to read stories.

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Click here to see photos of 4e, 3f, 2d and 2e reading at the hospital.

Kunstgenuss im Leopold Museum Wien

Am 16.12.2010 besuchte die 3f das Leopold Museum in Wien, wo die SchülerInnen rund 200 Bilder und Skulpturen der Sammlung Fondation Beyeler aus Basel bewundern konnten. Der Schwerpunkt dieser Sammlung liegt in der Klassischen Moderne sowie in der Zeitgenössischen Kunst. Die SchülerInnen starteten bei den Seerosen von Monet, erfuhren einiges zum Thema Surrealismus und Kubismus, begaben sich zu Bildern von Miró und Picasso und lernten Arbeiten von Francis Bacon und Andy Warhol kennen, ehe es ins Atelier ging. Nach einer 1-stündigen und kurzweiligen Führung setzten die Kinder dort ihre Eindrücke und Ideen in eigenen kreativen Kunstwerken um.

4th-years' Christmas Market

During our open day on 10th December (which was very successful, by the way) the fourth-year classes held a Christmas market to raise money for a Stolperstein in Wiener Neustadt.

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3f pflanzt "ihren" Baum

Im vorigen Schuljahr nahm die damalige 2f an den Waldjugendspielen teil, von denen sie ein Ahornbäumchen als Erinnerung mit nach Hause nehmen durfte. Im Herbst hatten wir die Idee, dieses kleine Bäumchen auf unserem Schulareal gemeinsam zu pflanzen. Es wächst nun mit uns als Symbol des gemeinsamen 4-jährigen Lebensweges - hoffentlich ;-) mit.

4th-years in Tulln and Theiß

On 23rd and 24th November the 4th-year pupils took a trip up to Tulln to visit the Agrana sugar factory, where they were treated to cake and soft drinks before learning all about sugar production and taking a tour of the factory. This was then followed by a trip to Austria's most modern gas-fired power station at Theiß. Here there was even more to eat, namely freshly-baked pizza and a selection of fruit. Suitably fortified, the pupils then received a presentation about energy production, usage and conservation before having a closer look at the power station. Many thanks to Agrana and the EVN for the tours and of course to our fantastic parents' association, who kindly paid for the bus!

Click here to see photos of Wednesday's group.

Band and choir trip to "Helden von Morgen"

On 19th November pupils from the school band and choir went to Vienna to see the dress rehearsal of ORF's Helden von Morgen talent show. After a backstage tour of the Küniglberg studios the pupils tried their hand at filming in the blue box, which they greatly enjoyed. Of course the highlight of the day was watching "Tomorrow's Heroes" strutting their stuff on stage and then getting half crushed while attempting to secure an all-important autograph. The trip home was wonderfully peaceful, but only because all the screaming had made the children lose their voices...

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3df visit a Holocaust witness

On 29th October and 8th November classes 3d and 3f travelled to Vienna to visit Ceija Stojka, a Romani Holocaust witness. While perhaps not the most "fun" trip of the year, it was nevertheless a very important one, in which the pupils heard about the atrocities of WWII from someone who was actually there. A very moving visit that provided more than a little food for thought.

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Weihnachten im Schuhkarton

Once again our pupils have shown their goodwill and solidarity by taking part in the "Weihnachten im Schuhkarton" operation, whereby shoeboxes full of gifts are sent to children living in poverty in Eastern Europe (this year: Moldavia). Many thanks to all involved for your help and support!

4e make breakfast

On Friday the 29th of October 2010 our class (4e) had a healthy breakfast. Our maths teacher, Mrs Wöckl, had this idea because we did an excellent mathematics test. In the first and second lesson we went to the school kitchen to prepare everything. Our breakfast consisted of fruit salad, bread with marmalade, cheese, ham, tea, orange and apple juice. There were different groups:

  • The fruit salad guys: these people cut up all the different kinds of fruit - apples, grapes, tangerines, bananas, kiwis and oranges.

  • The tea guys: they boiled the water and put the tea into the cups.

  • The preparation group: they set up the chairs and tables and arranged the cutlery and the dishes.

  • The cheese and ham guys: they put the ham and the cheese onto the dishes.

After one hour our breakfast was ready. We sat down, got our things to eat and enjoyed our food. These two lessons were great!

Pia Hofstattner

Wandertag der 2def

Unter der Leitung von Frau FL Helga Eidler erkundeten am Montag 25.10.die Schüler der 2efd und Begleitlehrer das Waldbauernmuseum in Gutenstein. Die Kinder erhielten einen Einblick in die Holzverarbeitung früherer Zeiten im Piesting Tal. Auf der Heinzelbank durften die Schüler Rohschindeln bearbeiten und mit dem Nutmesser versuchen, die Nut einzuarbeiten. Viele Exponate zeigten beeindruckend den Wandel der Zeit und wie hart die Bauern und Handwerker damals arbeiten mußten. Weitere Infos zum Museum unter: www.waldbauernmuseum.at

Red Nose Day a huge success in our school!

67 participants took part in the Red Nose Day Run organised by ASVÖ and HSV Orientierungslauf in the Akademiepark in Wiener Neustadt. Students, parents, friends and relatives started at 9.30 and enjoyed the beautiful autumn sun. They walked and ran with dogs or friends and covered a total distance of 364 kilometers. Many thanks to the amazing generosity of people like you!

Der ROTE NASEN Lauf war ein Event für die ganze Familie: laufen, gehen, walken, herumtollen - alles war möglich, weil es auf das Gewinnen nicht ankam. Denn die Gewinner stehen bereits fest: die großen und kleinen PatientInnen. Jeder, der mitmachte, trug mit seinen zurück gelegten Metern dazu bei, noch mehr Momente voller Leichtigkeit und Humor durch ROTE NASEN Clowns in die Spitäler zu bringen, da Sponsoren jeden gelaufenen Kilometer mit einer Geldsumme unterstützen

4e in the mountains...

On Monday 11th October 4e embarked on a two-day hiking trip with an overnight stay at the Hallerhaus. Accompanied by the intrepid Mrs Rasinger and Mr Bieber they toiled their way up the long climb from Puchberg to the Baumgartnerhütte before making a short descent to the Hallerhaus. The following day saw a steep descent via "die Eng" into Payerbach-Reichenau, where they caught the train back to Wr. Neustadt.
Special thanks to Pia Hofstättner for the fabulous photos.

Click here to read Pia's report about this.

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The official opening...

Friday 8th October was a very special day for everyone involved with the school, as it marked the official opening ceremony. A great number of important guests attended the event including, among many others, Wiener Neustadt's Mayor, Mr Bernhard Müller, and, representing the Landeshauptmann, Mag. Klaus Schneeberger. The complete list of VIPs is much too long to recite here, but we thank them all for their interest and enthusiasm.
The school choir did a fine job of keeping everyone entertained with various songs and hymn, making their first performance of this school year a definite success. Mrs Rasinger's Drama and Dance group also played an important role in keeping things up-beat. In fact the entire event was remarkable both for the general quality of the performances and the excellent behaviour of the children. Seldom have 230 children sat so quietly during so many adult speeches! They made their teachers very proud.

Click here to see photos of the opening ceremony.

The second half of the event was an open day for parents and other interested parties, with another marvelous buffet organized by our parents' association. There was certainly no shortage of interest in the new school building and its high-tech classrooms. Again entertainment was provided by the Drama and Dance group, but also by the school band, under the guidance of Mr Pirringer, Mrs Huber and Mr King. The eleven children, who have as yet only rehearsed together three times, gave a raging performance of five songs, much to the delight of the audience. Indeed, not many bands have such a large audience the first time they play live...

Click here to see photos of the afternoon open day.

Haben Sie auch schon ein Buch geschrieben?

Ja, dann gehören Sie, wie die SchülerInnen der 3d, 3f und 4e zu einer besonderen Minderheit, zur Minderheit derer, die sich AutorInnen nennen dürfen.
Das im Vorjahr begonnene Projekt SchülerInnen schreiben ein Buch, das durch den novum pro Verlag an unserer Schule möglich wurde, hat diese Woche sein erfolgreiches Ende gefunden. Was von vielen SchülerInnen über die Ferien schon fast vergessen worden war, ist Wirklichkeit geworden. Alle 42 am Projekt beteiligten Mädchen und Buben konnten vergangenen Dienstag die Früchte ihrer gedanklichen und sprachlichen Arbeit in Form eines Buches im Umfang von 60 Seiten in ihren Händen halten. Sichtlich stolz und zufrieden nahmen sie die Bücher entgegen.
Wir wünschen allen SchülerInnen, dass sie an diesem Buch noch lange Freude haben werden. Ein besonderer Dank gilt natürlich auch dem engagierten Verlag, der mit seinem Engagement vielen SchülerInnen einen tollen Anreiz zum selbstständigen Schreiben gibt.