1d at the Farm

On Monday 26th June 1d took the train to Bad Erlach. This was not as simple as it sounds, as the ÖBB seemingly hadn’t registered the fact that almost every school in Wiener Neustadt wanted to use their services on that day and had neglected to provide any extra carriages, despite all the reservations… The poor classes waiting at Lanzendorf station couldn’t get on at all.
We then walked up to the Glatzl Family’s farm at Weinberg. Mrs Glatzl showed us around the farm and introduced us to some of her animals. We also baked our own bread rolls and made our own butter to spread on it. It all tastes much better when you’ve made it yourself!
On the way back we had to run to catch the train (slight deja vu here!). At least this time we actually managed to board it and were thus safely back in Wiener Neustadt on time. Wonders will never cease!
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