3d in North Devon – Monday and Tuesday


With each day we are here the weather seems to get even better. Monday was the first day with lessons in the morning, which the pupils said were great fun. However, the absolute highlight of the morning seemed to be the visit to KFC during the break. For those of you who don’t yet know, KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken – one the most important parts of Britain’s cultural heritage. Not.
The afternoon’s activity was a guided tour of the town with Roy, followed by a quiz with an as-yet secret prize for first place. All we know so far is that it involves the words New York and Trump… We will keep you posted!


After Tuesday morning’s lessons we hopped on the coach for the short trip to Westward Ho!, where thirteen of the pupils had a surfing lesson, while the remainder chilled on the beach. Thanks to our wetsuits, we managed to survive the cold water and had a great time surfing the huge waves (they may look quite small on the photos, but that’s just an optical elusion…).
As pretty much everyone managed to stand up at least once, we are thinking of having our next language week in Hawaii.
After their evening meal with the host families the pupils returned to school for a quiz night. In teams of four they identified national flags, answered questions on the topics of Science, Geography and Music and performed tongue twisters as fast as they could. I think everyone will sleep well tonight…