3d in North Devon – The Long Journey Home

Saturday began with another early start – we met in Barnstaple at around 7:15 am. After a long and uneventful trip up to Windsor we got off the coach and made our way through the crowds to the front of the queue. Having KING written in gold letters on your cap seems to help – perhaps they thought I was a distant relative of Her Majesty’s? Or perhaps it was just the fact that we had pre-paid… Once safely inside the castle walls we had plenty of time to look around. Windsor Castle is a very impressive place indeed and well worth a visit.
From Windsor it was just a short trip to Heathrow for our flight back home, which we shared with both 3e and 3f – the poor normal passengers! Actually everyone was very well-behaved and we all arrived safely at Vienna airport. A very intense, but highly enjoyable week had come to an end. 😊