3def in Bournemouth

Our class and the other two third classes went on a project week to Bournemouth, England. We went to school there, to the beach, to the city centre of Bournemouth, to London twice and spent one afternoon at the Sea Life Aquarium in Brighton. We had a wonderful time there and learned a lot about celebrations, William Shakespeare, London, Bournemouth and Brighton. We went on a boat tour in London and saw the fantastic musical “The Lion King”. I think London is a very beautiful and vibrant city. I would love to go there again. The weather was very various, but most of the time it was sunny. The best thing about our project week was to see all the sights in London and of course the beach of Bournemouth.
Many thanks to Mrs Schneidhofer for organising this trip!

Franziska Legl, 3e

We met at school at 3:45am. And there it began – our “long” journey to London, for all the tired and excited kids and of course – our really nice teachers.
On Sunday we stayed at our hostfamilies’ place or went somewhere with them. On our second day we had to go to school. On Wednesday and Friday we went to beautiful London, where we watched the Lion King – which is a musical with wonderful costumes- and visited Buckingham Palace. Of course we have done or seen some more fantastic things but these are my favourites. On Thursday we were at the Sea Life Aquarium in Brighton and took great pictures at Brighton’s Pier.
All in all it was a nice trip, although it rained sometimes 🙂 .

Julia Reiterer, 3e

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