4d in Traiskirchen

On Thursday 14th September, 4d visited the Traiskirchen Museum as part of their History lessons. We met at the station (very) early in the morning and took the train to Baden, then the Badener-Bahn to Möllersdorf, which is a part of Traiskirchen. The museum deals with life around 100 years ago and is a very interesting place to visit, with a complete “street” full of old shops, with their original fixtures and fittings inside them. This made it easier to imagine what it must have been like to shop back then and also how people worked and lived.
A major highlight was definitely the Matador exhibition and the visit to the air raid shelter was also an experience that will not be so quickly forgotten. The idea of having to spend a whole day or more inside such a small room, underground, with large numbers of people, many of whom you might not know at at all, and then to go back to your home and possibly find that it has been destroyed by a bomb is not a very pleasant one.
Many thanks to Mrs Dopplinger for organising the trip and to the museum staff for the excellent tour!