Our Changing World – Building on the Past

‘Only by undertstanding our past can we create our future’ – Sheikh Zayed, Ruler and Founder of the UAE
There is no doubt that the primary role of a museum is to engage and educate the community. The children from the Billingual Junior High School, second class, were the lucky visitors of Wiener Neustadt’s St. Peter an der Speer Museum. The theme of the museum being ‘The World in Movement’.
The  museum arranged a private tour for the class pupils, which inspired interest and understanding in the history of our town Wiener Neustadt. But there was more going on in the museum in regard to education than one might think.  The visit  enhanced our school’s curriculum by not only helping pupils to learn about our past and present, but also to plan for the future.
Our students were invited to plan a new town under the guidance and knowledge of the museum experts.  A great idea and what a way to prepare students for the 21st century!  The museum became a classroom where the children could design and write about their futuristic town.
The museum’s exhibition was so interesting that inspiration was not hard to find. It was impossible to have exited the museum without having gained any information or insight at all.
Thank you St. Peter an der Speer Museum for your time, patience and effort.