Photography Project with Foto Tschank

During the third school week 28 pupils from the third and fourth years took part in a photography project under the watchful eye of Kommerzialrat Gunther Tschank, who not only provided four Nikon SLR cameras and a variety of lenses, but also gave the pupils a wealth of tips so that they would be able to get the most out of them.
On Monday afternoon the pupils got to know how to use the cameras while photographing themselves outside and inside the school building.
On Tuesday the third-year pupils and those from 4d went to the Aviaticum, Wiener Neustadt’s flight museum at the airfield, where there was no shortage of photographic opportunities to be found. Many thanks to Mr Zach for letting us in and showing us around.
On Thursday the remaining fourth-year pupils went to the Reckturm in Wiener Neustadt, which also provided plenty of good photographic material. Many thanks to Mr Karlik for letting us in and looking after us there.
From those photographs the pupils took the best will be selected and made into collages to be displayed as part of the Lower Austria State Exhibition in Wiener Neustadt in 2019. Many thanks to Mr Tschank for his enthusiasm and time in supporting this project.
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