Picasso Art Exhibition

It was by no means an easy art project for the students of the Bilingual Junior High School, Wiener Neustadt, but none the less, a project mastered! Pupils from 4d,e,f and 3d took on the challenge of designing, drawing and painting cubist faces inspired by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.
To match the school’s theme of ‘Diversity’, students drew an individual abstract portrait. This way they could artistically demonstrate the diversity of each human being. The cubist style of Picasso was the perfect way of expressing individual uniqueness, and the multi-faceted self.
The students set about by adopting the same experimental approach to art as Picasso had. They painted an imaginary person’s portraits from two different angles in one picture (front and side view). By having done this they were able to explain, through their painting, the potential meaning of multiple diverse faces, and the many diverse ways the world sees us.
If you look closer at the portraits, you will recognise how cleverly the students painted the countless number of various expressions. They were designed in a way to show humour, meaning, understanding, etc. Bright and dark colour hues were used to set the mood.
All the paintings carry the same message: Every culture, every nationality, every single person is different and diverse. When all of these different views are shared together, we can say without doubt that THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD LIES IN THE DIVERSITY OF ITS PEOPLE.