Red Nose Run

On 26th October the annual Red Nose Run took place again in the Academy Park in Wiener Neustadt. Thanks to the great turnout of pupils from the BJHS we managed to run a total of 586 km. Many thanks also go to the school’s parents, teachers and headmaster, who also took part. Considerable help with organisation was also provided by the students of the Pädagogische Hochschule in Baden and Pezi Schneidhofer.
Also on the subject of running, our orienteering team did well at the Wiener Neustadt Town Championship recently:
  • In the first years Felix Ruthner and Krishali Rainer followed in their siblings’ footsteps and took first place in their age group.
  • The fourth years’ competition was dominated by Stefan Markovic, Noah Fenninger and Timo Hofstättner.
  • In the girls’ competition Lena Hofer, Katrin Bauer and Noelle Jagersberger took 4th, 5th and 6th places respectively.
  • In the second years Zsofia Daroczi took 15th place and Julia Macalino was 16th.
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