School Orienteering Championship

Thursday 16th May was this year’s School Orienteering Championship. All the pupils took part, generally running in pairs, and the results were highly impressive. The course comprised 22 control points, which could be punched in any order within a 30 minute time limit. Control points near the start were worth 10 points, those a little farther away were worth 20 points and those farthest from the start and thus hardest to reach within the time limit were worth 30 points. This gave a theoretical maximum score of 380 points, which a large number of pupils achieved. The time taken then decided the rankings…
The fastest pair of the day were Franziska W. and Pia F. from 4e, with a time of just over 15 minutes for all 22 control points – very impressive indeed! The fastest boys were Alexander L. and Adian M. of 4f.
This year a number of teachers set a fine example and also took part, including our head teacher, Mr Glanzner, who took a valiant second place behind Mr Bischof in the old men’s category. 😉 First place in the women’s competition went to Eva Winkler.
Many thanks to Mr Gottfried Tobler and his fantastic orienteering team, for running this event and supplying all the necessary equipment! Thanks also to Mrs Wolfram and Mr Bischof for organising it!