4d in Traiskirchen

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On Thursday 14th September, 4d visited the Traiskirchen Museum as part of their History lessons. We met at the station (very) early in the morning and took the train to Baden, then the Badener-Bahn to Möllersdorf, which is a part…

3d vs Prater

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Having already spent a very enjoyable morning at the Frida Kahlo exhibition, The Best Class In The World took a short train ride to Praterstern and then walked to the amusement park in Prater. The kids had three hours to try out…

3d Go Swimming (almost)

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On Tuesday, 27th June, 3d took a stroll over to the Akademiebad for a morning of swimming and general relaxing in the sun. Actually it was mostly only the boys who went into the water, with nearly all the girls electing…

3d’s Sunny Day in the Mountains

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On Monday, 26th June, 3d took the train to Grünbach to hike up to the top of the “Geländ”. At least, that was the plan, anyway. It seems that the NSA has hacked Mr King’s computer, because every time we…

4f in Bray

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From 11th to 18th of June, 4f are on their language week in Bray, just south of Dublin. We arrived yesterday to gorgeous seaside weather and everyone was promptly picked up by their respective host families. This morning we took…

3d in Mürzzuschlag

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3d’s long-standing plan to go hiking up the Geländ was once again thwarted today – this time by bad weather. Instead we took the train to Mürzzuschlag and visited the Wintersport Museum. Initial skepticism was soon overcome and everyone enjoyed the…