The Return of the School@Home Gallery

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As the current lockdown draws to a close (we hope), here is a selection of pupils’ work done at home for Art during the last weeks. As can be seen, our pupils have been keeping busy! You can find the…

New “Graduate News” page on the BJHS website!

At the BJHS we are well aware that what really makes our school special are the pupils. This new page can be found in the Our School menu and is intended to show what graduates of the BJHS have achieved…

Virtual Tour

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This year we are unable to have our usual Open Day, so Ms Schönthaler and Ms Tomrle enlisted the help of some of our pupils and created this video to present the school. For everyone who is interested in attending…

Konzert unserer Absolventen

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Am Freitag 23.10. spielt die junge Band “Gift” im Triebwerk, Wiener Neustadt. Drei Absolventen unserer Schule, Luca, Nico und Chris, präsentieren klassische Rock-Covers von Clapton, Knopfler und mehr. Einlass ist um 20 Uhr, Beginn ist um 20:30 Uhr. VVK €…

2f have green fingers

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Last week some of the pupils of 2f planted new herbs in our raised bed in the school garden during their crafts lesson. They all had lots of fun working with the garden tools and getting to know all the…

1d’s Reading Night

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On Thursday, March 5th, 1d decided that regular lessons in the morning were not enough and spent a night at school. Equipped with sleeping bags and whatever else one needs to spend a night comfortably, they showed up at school…

Gift – live at Triebwerk

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Save the date: May 30th, 7.p.m. – Triebwerk Newcomer Night Our very own classic rock trio, Gift, will be performing live for the first time at the Triebwerk Newcomer Night on May 30th. With Chris Buda on keys, Nico Huber…

First Aid for the Soul

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On Wednesday 19th February, all the fourth-year pupils were invited to a presentation and discussion titled ‘First Aid for the Soul’. Psychotherapist Ulli Haderer, from the Institut fur seelische Gesundheit – Baden bei Wien, volunteered her valuable time to promote…

Four bright minds share bold ideas

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In the last four weeks, four professors have shared their views and life experiences with pupils at the Bilingual Junior High School. What an honour it has been – over the last month our students have had the privilege to meet and…

Crazy masks on ice

folder_open2019-2020, General, Shrove Tuesday, Skating
Another Shrove Tuesday activity was fancy-dress ice-skating at the Wiener Neustadt ice rink. Nice weather, ice and traditional doughnuts made a highly enjoyable combination.

Pancake Day and the “Creative Ones”

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One of our school’s Shrove Tuesday activities was a workshop with Alice Sinzinger, followed by pancake-baking in the school kitchen. A group of creative pupils produced real works of art painting pottery under Alice Sinzinger’s guidance. They then showed their talent in…

Krapfenaktion am Rosenmontag

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Auch in diesem Jahr ließ es sich der Elternverein nicht nehmen, allen Kids und der ganzen Belegschaft der Bilingual Junior High School persönlich Faschingskrapfen zu bringen. Das ganze Haus duftete nach der wunderbaren Süßspeise, und wie man sieht, trugen viele…

Besuch der FH/ Stadt-Bibliothek Wiener Neustadt

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Alle ersten Klassen besuchten im Jänner im Rahmen des D-Unterrichts die neue Bibliothek. Bei dieser Gelegenheit wurde uns auch das Gebäude der FH vorgestellt und wir durften in einem Hörsaal Platz nehmen – vielleicht der Platz an dem einige Schüler…

Art lessons… outdoors

folder_open2019-2020, 3rd years, Art, General
Die dritten Klassen haben heuer folgendes BE Jahresprojekt gestartet: Passend zu dem Topic of the Year, Body & Soul, wird in allen vier Jahreszeiten einmal pro Klasse im Umkreis der Schule „outdoors“ gezeichnet. Wenn möglich immer dasselbe Motiv, um die Veränderung…

Valentine’s Day

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“The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.”- Henry Miller If you were wondering how to say I love you on Valentine’s Day – then Friday, February…