2d’s Reading Night

On Thursday 12th April 2d spent the night at school. Arriving at half-past six in the evening the first task was to prepare their sleeping bags for the night in the gymnastic room. Mats from the gym were used as mattresses (and no, they weren’t very comfortable). Then, when everyone had got themselves set up, the evening’s activities began. The first was an Easter egg hunt, with English clues to guide the teams of pupils to ten hidden Easter eggs hidden throughout the school. Unfortunately Mr King managed to hide one or two of them a little too well, which led to a few difficulties… However, each team managed to collect their ten eggs and ultimately find the “treasure” hidden in the classroom.
The next task was to answer English questions about the school building. This also involved a lot of walking about and considerable concentration to find the answers, but once again the pupils did very well, with some teams managing to find out everything asked.
After a snack in the kitchen there was the option to read or play dodgeball in the gym. At ten o’clock it was lights out for those who wanted to sleep, while those who preferred to read could do so with the help of their torches.
The following morning an English breakfast was on the menu, but of course the pupils had to make it themselves. What could be a better start to a Friday morning?
Many thanks to Mrs Ruesch for staying overnight with the class, to Ms Eder for staying until ten in the evening and Mrs Dollischal for helping us make the breakfast!
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