1d Reading Night

Apparently morning lessons are not enough for the pupils of 1d, so on 28th January they returned to school at 6:30 pm to spend the night there with their teachers, Andrea Huber and Daniela Großmann. Loaded with sleeping bags, pillows, gym mats and – most importantly – their favourite books, they entered the school building.
The kids were obviously quite happy to be the only ones in the huge building and enjoyed some games of table tennis and hide and seek. Of course, the teachers had also prepared a rally in the library (thanks to Mrs Schneidhofer!) and a reading race through the school building which – to the teachers’ astonishment – the kids managed to do in a minimum of time. After a late-night snack and a quick wash, everybody got ready for a cosy night in the gym, took their torches and read and read and read … some until late after midnight.
On Friday morning we were offered a delicious breakfast (credit to Mrs Böhm, Mrs Vala and Mrs Weilke) in the school kitchen.
Rumours have spread that somebody was snoring like a locomotive and was talking in her sleep (– maybe a good excuse for some kids to ignore the order to stop talking at 2am in the morning ???) … but this will be kept a secret among 1d and their teachers… 😉
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