2d and the Big, Steep Mountain…

On Monday 25th June 2d were planning on going to Pitten to enjoy the hot weather and sunshine at the open-air pool… but it seems someone hadn’t eaten up all their dinner, because the weather certainly wasn’t conducive to outdoor swimming and sunbathing. Instead, Mr King decided it would be much better to go walking in the hills, which, of course, was much appreciated by the whole class. So we played the annual ÖBB game of Let’s see how many school classes we can fit inside one small train and still get the doors shut (the answer to which, by the way, is Quite a few more than you might expect…) and made our way to Grünbach Kohlenwerk, from where we commenced our epic ascent of the Geländ. This huge mountain has a very steep, winding path up the side of it, which posed no problems at all for The Best Class In The World and the views from the top and while climbing were well worth the effort.
Once at the summit we enjoyed a good snack and gazed at the beautiful blue sky. Well, we imagined a blue sky, anyway, and we are pretty sure there must have been one somewhere above the thick layer of clouds. After eating and taking lots of photographs we made our way back down to Grünbach via the forest track and caught a nice empty train back to Wiener Neustadt. And we didn’t even get wet! 😀
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