3de visit the Military Academy

On the 22th of November we were invited to visit the Military Academy thanks to our teacher, Mrs Wolfram. Colonel Gernot Pauschenwein explained and told us many things about the history of the castle. At first we had a look at the Monument of Maria Theresa. She founded the Military Academy in 1752. The castle was built in 1193, thanks to ransom money from Richard Lionheart. After that, we went to the inner yard. The Colonel explained that the castle had four towers in the past, but because of the World Wars, the whole castle suffered serious damage. Three of the towers have been removed, only one has survived to this day. And of course, we couldn’t  miss the Wappenwand, a whole wall covered in coats of arms. As we entered the building, every single one of us was  amazed by the size. Our favourite thing of this tour was definitely the Hall of the Theresian Knights. The Colonel even called it the “holy place”! All in one we had a very interesting trip in the Military Academy and we were very happy to be there.
We were Group Delta and the other pupils in my group were: Sabrina, Emma B., Anabelle, Valerie and Julian W.

Paula Luzija, 3e

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