Robeat Rocks the BJHS!

On Monday 26th November the school was treated to a very special visit from Europe’s best beatboxer, Robeat. Having performed in Vienna on the previous Saturday, he kindly agreed to do some workshops with our pupils, in which they learned some of the basic techniques. Now all they need to do is practise constantly for the next 15 years or so and they’ll be able to perform alongside him… All the the pupils who chose to attend the workshop were highly impressed, as was Robeat himself with the attentiveness of his audience.
The rest of the pupils (and the teachers) were able to get a taste of Robeat’s incredible ability during the break, when he gave a short concert in the aula. It is almost impossible to believe that such a wide range of sounds can be produced by one person on his own, with just the help of a normal microphone, especially when it seems like many of the sounds are being produced simultaneously! The term ‘one man band’ takes on a whole new dimension.
Many thanks to Robeat for taking the time to come and visit us, to Mr Pirringer for organising everything and our Parents’ Association for assisting with the costs.

For a look at Robeat’s Facebook page click here.

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