3d’s Sunny Day in the Mountains

On Monday, 26th June, 3d took the train to Grünbach to hike up to the top of the “Geländ”. At least, that was the plan, anyway. It seems that the NSA has hacked Mr King’s computer, because every time we have tried to do this hike so far, the ÖBB has decided to have a replacement bus service instead of the train. Determined not to be foiled once again, we set off anyway and promptly met the first hurdle at Bad Fischau, where we had to get off the train and onto the bus. Now, the train from WN to Puchberg is a “Desiro“, which has enough seats for 117 people and plenty of standing space, too. On one of the busiest days of the year, at absolutely the busiest time, there was only one standard bus waiting in Bad Fischau. Needless to say there was no space in it for 3d, so we decided to walk to the stop in Brunn to wait for the next bus, which was to leave an hour later. Luckily the next one was almost empty, so we were able to get on at last.
From Grünbach we went up “the back way” to the hut at the top of the Geländ. For some of the class it was quite a challenge, especially as it was a very hot day, but the cooling breeze helped to prevent us from overheating completely. The view from the top is one of the best you will find in our area, making the exertion well worthwhile.
Did the kids enjoy it? Well, not every comment that was made on the way up was overly positive, but once up at the top there were definitely one or two smiles to be noticed. And, once back at the bus stop in Grünbach, looking back up at where we had just been provided a strong sense of achievement. So, a day day well spent!