4de in Malta – Wednesday

On Wednesday we went on a day trip to Gozo, which lies just a few kilometres north-west of Malta. The sea was very calm for our trip across on the ferry and soon we were on a coach with our Maltese guide for the day.
Our first stop was the Ġgantija Temple complex, ruins of Neolithic stone temples built around 5600 years ago, making them some 1000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids. We then took a short drive down to Ramla Bay, with its lovely red-sand beach. A couple of pupils joined the slightly crazy teachers for a swim in the cool November Mediterranean Sea. Actually it wasn’t so bad – refreshing sums it up well.
The next stop was Rabat (also called Victoria), the capital of Gozo, where we walked around the walls of the ancient Citadel. This imposing fortress can be seen for miles around and provides exceptional views over the surprisingly green landscape of Gozo. It is a hugely impressive group of buildings and a marvellous place to take photographs.
The highlight of the day was the return crossing, as instead of taking the usual ferry, we made use of a speedboat. And it was certainly fast. Those of us who grabbed the places right at the back of the boat soon discovered why the seats were wet…