4de in Malta – Tuesday

On Tuesday the weather gods decided we needed some more rain and let the heavens open, complete with thunder and lightning. Our planned harbour cruise was obviously not going to be a good idea so after the morning classes and lunch at Burger King (traditional Maltese fare) we travelled into Valletta for a look at the capital city and a shopping opportunity. In many places on the way the streets were almost completely submerged in rainwater.
We started off with The Malta Experience, a film about Malta’s very interesting history. Unfortunately everyone was so tired from the party boat the previous night that once the lights were dimmed hardly anyone managed to stay awake… Luckily nobody snored! The entrance to and exit from the theatre are through a long stone tunnel and on our way out some of the pupils discovered a scorpion going about its arachnid business. Scorpions are common in Malta, but they are not dangerous – unless you happen to be a cockroach or something similar.
This was followed by some time to look around the town for selfie opportunities and souvenirs. We are sure there was no shortage of either…