Four bright minds share bold ideas

In the last four weeks, four professors have shared their views and life experiences with pupils at the Bilingual Junior High School.
What an honour it has been – over the last month our students have had the privilege to meet and speak with some highly sought-after professors. Professor Christian Kwasnocka (Artist); Dr. Uni. Prof. Bernhart Smidt (Chief Physician); Prof. Gunter Zeman (Architect) and Prof. Paul Schober (Civil Rights Judge).
A new subject added to the after-school curriculum, Political Education and Communication (PBK), aims to offer our young scholars a chance to listen to the views of valued and respected members of our society.
Following the moto ‘You live and learn’, PBK provided the opportunity to invite these special guests to spend some time with our pupils. Through sharing their experiences and views, based on what they have witnessed and learned in their long lives, we hope that our pupils will be not only wiser, but better prepared for tomorrow.
PBK was led by Micheal Eidler and Clare Dedic. Both members of the teaching staff believe that the bottom line is: ‘Sharing knowledge with younger generations is caring enough to tell them what you know.’