1st BJHS International Day

On 24th February, the BJHS celebrated its first “International Day of Education”. This is planned to be an annual event and the first one was a definite success.
Our pupils were organised into groups based on their nationalities (or nationalities to which they have a strong connection, because of parents or close relatives, or because of where they grew up). Each group then organised a stand with traditional food from that country or area, as well as decoration that could be associated with the country. Traditional dress was also the order of the day, and a great many pupils and teachers got in on the act and came to school in traditional clothing.
As can be seen in the photos, both the pupils and the staff enjoyed the day immensely and it was wonderful to see how proud the pupils were to present their traditions, food and culture. Even more importantly, it was extremely encouraging to see how interested they were in all the other cultures that were on display. It has long been important for the Bilingual Junior High School to instil a feeling of brotherhood between nationalities and this was palpable throughout the day. We are extremely proud of our pupils and their enthusiasm, creativity and good behaviour!
All in all we can say that our first attempt at an International Day was a raging success – many thanks to Ms Dedic and Ms Schwaighofer for their hard work in organising it all, and to all the other staff who were involved. Many thanks also to the many parents who prepared food for the day. Our biggest thanks, however, must go to our exceptional pupils!
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