4de in Malta – Monday

Monday saw the pupils having their first lessons at EC School of English, followed by snorkelling in the afternoon. After finally finding the correct hotel (“This is like Wandertag with Mr King!”) we got ourselves squeezed into our wetsuits and, flippers and goggles in hand, made our way down to the shore. The water was, well, how could we describe it? Somewhat less than warm might be a fair assessment. It was very important to keep moving… We had a great time, though, and came back out feeling very awake indeed.
After what was for some an eventful journey back to the host families, we met again in the evening for a trip on the party boat. This floating disco took us around various harbours and the port, providing an excellent combination of music and stunning views of the brightly lit city from the calm water. Needless to say, the pupils needed no encouragement to move on the dance floor at the back of the boat and by the time we returned there were some very tired faces among them. All in all a very successful evening.